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How To Guide Picking Wedding Rings And Jewelry

Nov 11, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

It is true that most brides have a sparkle all of their own, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra bling, if you know what we mean. The options for wedding jewelry are unlimited but it does take a bit of style knowledge to get the effortlessly beautiful look a bride desires. Here are a few tips to help you make the perfect choice, after all not everyone can afford a personal stylists.
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The very best way to select wedding jewelry is to let the wedding dress be your guide. If you let it the dress itself will speak to you about just what accessories are needed. For instance, the plainer the dress the more jewelry you may be able to get away with. the detailing on the dress is your best clue. If your dress is covered with swarovski crystal or other embellishments you need to tone down the jewelry.
Know what metals look good with your skin tone and the shade of the wedding dress. If you choose to wear the traditional white then stick with platinum and pearl wedding jewelry. Gold and Silver are a perfect choice for an off-white wedding dress. Yellow gold is great for showing off the pearlescent tint in an ivory gown.
If you are wearing your hair down go dramatic with the earrings. It may be tempting to wear a stud but these will surely get lost beneath your beautiful hair. Your wedding day is a day that you truly want to make a statement so go for it.
Do not be afraid to go sans jewelry. Not every wedding dress requires that you wear it. The style of the dress should determine if you need wedding jewelry. On another note many wedding dresses have jewels in the fabric. Choose wedding jewelry that reflect these subtle colors but don’t over do it. And don’t leave the wedding accessory choice up to the bridesmaids either. You spent a lot of time making sure they had the right dress go that one extra step and pick out wedding jewelry for them that will not clash with their dresses nor draw too much attention.
Wedding jewelry is an important item to have on your to-do lists. Shopping for accessories should take place as soon as you have the wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses picked out. Do not wait until just days before the wedding and do not be afraid to switch it up. Have one look for the wedding ceremony and another look for the wedding reception. The wedding reception is where you can go all out and bling it up to your hearts content.


Post By:RitaCreated Date:Nov 11, 2013
Awesome wedding rings and jewelry image. It look very beautiful....
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