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How To Guide Wedding Gown Preservation

Nov 23, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Many brides wait until after the wedding oven think about how they are going to keep the memories for posterity. Wedding gown preservation should be wanted things on your to do list while he takes place after the wedding sometimes even after the honeymoon you need to plan ahead if you want to keep the address and keep it in good condition and. Let’s face it you spent a lot of money on the perfect dress not caring for and after the wedding is like throwing your money away. Sweat, liquids and other stains will set and turn the gown yellow or damage the fabric. Below are four things you need to know about preserving a wedding gown.

        Wedding Gown Preservation

  1. Wedding gown preservation companies charge anywhere from $150-$500. The price will depend on the level of service you need and how intricate your dress is you will have to pay shipping or actually bring the address to the preservation company. The staff will did analyze your dress fabric beating and all details and discuss with you how best to clean it. With the cost of everything else many brides find alternatives to professional wedding gown preservation.

  1. The first step to preserving your wedding gown is to have a cleaned. Your local drycleaner may not be the best choice for this, many of them that offered wedding gown cleaning and preservation actually send the item out to a wholesale cleaner where your drop your gown will be clean with as many as 30 other gowns. Cross-contamination from dirt on other gowns is possible. Look for drycleaner that does the work in-house that has years of experience and use only virgin solvents for cleaning purposes.

  1. For the best possible result choose a drycleaner that use a combination of the virgin solvent and wet cleaning processes. Wet cleaning is better on the fabric for cleaning certain types of stains, like sugars and foodstuffs.

  1. There are options for wedding dress preservation, you can choose a local wedding dress company to preserve your memories, a national company that you send your dress out to all our jewels to preserve your dress with a do-It-yourself kit. With their knees options there are three methods sealed wedding dress preservation, boxed bridal gown preservation or bad and hanging gown preservation. Most brides choose to use a method similar to that used by Museum conservatories, they preferred method by which they can annually inspect the material. The unsealed or boxed method of wedding gown preservation is easiest to inspect, and acid-free environment, less creases and less risk mildew are damage.

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