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How To Make The Best Use Of The iPhone Wedding App

Sep 13, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

The iPhone wedding app is one of the best tools for wedding planning on the market and it is absolutely free. What good is an awesome wedding planning app if you do not understand how to use it to get the best results. We will begin at the beginning by going over the list of features. The numbers will correspond to the order of importance in the wedding planning process for each feature.
  1. wedding website
  2. budget calculator
  3. guest list
  4. RSVP
  5. note to self
  6. to-do list
  7. scheduler
  8. sale items
  9. seating arrangements
  10. digital photographs
                                    iPhone Wedding App
Now let’s look at why these are in this order.
The wedding website is first on the list because once you log in at iwedplanner you get one for free. Set up this website right away and from the beginning you will have an outlet to share your joy with family and friends. The iwedplanner website is also where you download the free iPhone wedding app and access to all the free wedding planner tools. The iPhone mobile app keeps you connected to everything
on the website.
After you have finished creating your website you can start with the budget calculator. It is already populated with many items that you will need for the wedding. For now you will be putting in what you think each item might cost. We suggest that you visit a few online stores to see what these items generally cost.  When you have completed the entire page and any added items you want in the wedding you will see the estimated cost of the wedding. Since this is merely an estimate add 20% of that amount to the total. Now you have an idea of how much the actual wedding will cost, this gives you the opportunity to figure out where these funds will be coming from and if you will need more than you set aside. Sometimes the wedding budget  can dictate how long the engagement will be.
The next item to consider will be who you want to invite. Go ahead and list everyone you want, also have the groom, his parents and your parents create a list of people they want to invite. Once you have all of these lists, the hard part will begin. Most people find that it works best to have several invite lists. Learn more about crafting a wedding guest list from the articles and blogs found on the website.
Having the email option on your invitations is one way to cut back on the amount of time spent counting RSVP’s. Once a guest sends an email to your iwedplanner address they are automatically tabulated, giving you an accurate count of how many guests have answered and how many still have not committed. These numbers will be needed when you contact wedding caterers and bakers. The number of guests will affect the cost of many other items on the  list, including beverages and wedding reception venue.
The note feature allows you to make notes on the iPhone app that can be viewed online. This is an excellent way to keep everyone involved with the planning process apprised of what you have accomplished. The others can also take advantage of this feature so no one will ever be out of the loop.
The To-Do List and Scheduler are two tools that you will use together. Make lists of the things you need to accomplish and then schedule the date and times you want to have them done.
One of the great things about having the iPhone mobile app is you get access to the latest discounts on everything from wedding dresses to Tuxedos from online wedding shops. If ever there was a time to save a few dollars it is when you are wedding planning.
Figuring out who sits where has driven many a young bride to the brink of insanity. Dealing with pens and paper and diagrams can be tedious not to mention time-consuming. How many times can you erase a spot on a piece of paper before its rubbed through?
Create a different album for each part of the journey. You can start with the pictures you took the night that he asked the question, then move on to the engagement party album and continue through the honeymoon.
There you have it, everything you need to know to get the wedding planning off to a great start. Stop by today to download yours.


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These wedding applications are having many things about the wedding many peoples don't know how to how to use these wedding apps.this article used giving the guidelines to getting instructions to how use this apps.
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Many peoples doesn't know how to using the wedding planner applications correctly including the educated peoples.This article give the instructions to using the wedding application in a correct manner.
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This article establishing the importance of the wedding applications. It takes the responsibilities of wedding application. It also useful one for the wedding couples.
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i would to thank this blogger bcoz many peoples don't have idea for using these kinds of wedding applications. But this article used to provides a way to use the i phones.
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This article tells significance of the wedding applications for wedding of wedding applications are really useful for us thank you for your sharing.
Post By:LukeCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
The engaged couples next step is planning the perfect wedding. They may use the mobile wedding app and make the wedding planning a perfect one. Very good article post
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