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How to make your guests RSVP in time

Nov 25, 2019 | Posted by:  abi s

Creating perfect invitations and then sending them out is itself a troubling process and even then your work is not entirely complete. Making your guests to RSVP in time also requires some extra effort on your part. You cannot ignore this factor as your further preparations depend a lot on it. Be it catering or venue you will be asked to provide a count of your expected guests. Here we are providing some important tips that will help in prompting your guests to reply in time.
  1. Send invitations early- it is advisable to send out the wedding invitations at least eight weeks prior to your wedding date. Then you can ask your guests to RSVP 3-4 weeks before the scheduled date. This will give your guests appropriate time to write back. Giving them more time than that will not help you as your card might get lost in a pile of stationery.
  2. Clarify- it is also better to clarify the meaning of RSVP in case someone doesn’t get it by writing “please reply by (date)” instead of “RSVP by (date)”.
  3.  Make it noticeable- people often place the RSVP date at the corner and that too in rather small fonts which guests do not notice at once. Make sure you place it at an appropriate place and in legible font. People often believe that they only need to reply if they are going to attend the wedding therefore it becomes all the more important to place your request appropriately.
  4. Provide easy ways- provide multiple ways to your guests to RSVP. Send a response card stamped with your address and mention an e-mail address for people who would prefer to reply online.


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