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How to plan a unique wedding

Dec 04, 2017 | Posted by:  abi s

Every bride wants her wedding to standout from the regular monotonous ceremony. Planning a unique wedding takes a bit of an effort but if done rightly it can turn your wedding into an exciting celebration. To help you out we have compiled a list of some fantastic ideas.
1.    Reception lounge- you can give your guests a place to relax and chatter at your reception. Create a lounge corner and close it off with attractive curtains. Supply it with comfy sofas and cushions so that your guests can participate and relax at their own will.
2.    Escorts- ask your catering service to let the waiters usher the guests to their reception tables. This will create a VIP vibe and your guests will feel all the more elated by the service.
3.    Transportation- if your venue is in some secluded place and you are providing transportation facility, you can make this event super exciting by renting hot air balloons for the purpose. This can also be made special by renting vintage cars or limos.
4.    Welcome bags- on arrival you can make your guests feel special by handling them welcome bags containing lovely ceremony gifts. This may include coupons for nearby artistic locations or coffee shops apart from a personalized handwritten welcome card. Your guests will feel truly special by this welcoming gesture.
5.    Cocktails- when everybody is waiting for the reception to start, you can surprise them with pre-ceremony cocktails and light beverages.
6.    Favors- provide your outdoor guests some thoughtful favors such as flip-flops, sunscreen and toiletries so that they are not left on the mercy of hotel staff for such basic amenities.
7.    Child care- you can hire 2-3 babysitters and let your guests enjoy the wedding by taking care of the naughty toddlers for them.


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