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How To Provide Wedding Transportation

Nov 12, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

It is not enough to just rent a stretch limo and cram the parents, wedding party and yourselves into it. When thinking about how many cars you will need you also have to know who is expecting to be transported. Arranging wedding transportation is going to similar to setting up covert operations. Here are some tips to help you provide wedding transportation if your budget allows. If your budget is tight it is perfectly acceptable to ask people to drive themselves.
                 wedding transportation
There are some really practical reasons for providing wedding transportation for your wedding guests. When you look back on that day you don’t want one of your memories to be your favorite uncles DUI arrest, or even worse having to place flowers on some point in the road where someone lost their life. While your guests are indeed adults who are responsible for their own drinking habits it is only prudent to make sure that nothing like that mars the fun of your experience.
Have you ever gone to an event in a town you are not familiar with. Each city has its own unique traffic rhythms. Some of your out of town guests will be hard pressed to navigate these baffling waters. Providing shuttle or minibus service from hotel to wedding venue and reception venue is one way to show how much you appreciate their attendance. This will prevent someone who flew thousands of miles to witness you walk down the aisle from arriving late and missing it altogether.
When renting a limo you will generally have a set number of hours that you must pay for. It would be nice to be able to hire the limo for the entire day but that is just not in the budget for most people. Using a limo pick-up and drop-off  at the ceremony and reception is a less expensive option. If you have your heart set on arriving in style you can rent a separate mode of transportation for yourself aside from the wedding party. In addition to wedding day transportation there are many other events during your wedding season that you should seriously consider hiring a car and driver for. Bridal showers, bachelorette and bachelor parties, rehearsal dinners all will be held during this time period. Drinking is a big part of the celebratory process and you can all enjoy yourselves in comfort and style with a hired car and driver. 


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