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How to Save On Beer Wine and Liquor for a Wedding

Jan 18, 2014 | Posted by:  abi s

The wedding reception will easily take up most of the wedding budget. The food, the wedding decorations, the wedding musicians, the wedding cake and the wedding beverages aren’t going to be cheap. Finding ways to save money on a tight wedding budget will mean rethinking some of your ideas.                                                                       wedding wine and liquor
While it would be nice to have an open bar, many will run into problems with the high cost of liquor. It is possible to consult with beer distributors and get a great discount on this item wholesale but then you may be limited in variety. By reserving the champagne for toasting and buying a good box wine to serve during the meal you can save plenty.
One way to cut cost on wedding Liquor is to create a fabulous wedding punch. We are not talking about just any type of punch, any cocktail with five or more ingredients can be made into wedding punch that packs a whollup.
Here is a recipe for a standard Long Island Iced Tea Coctail:
Now you may be wondering, how to make this single serving recipe serve 100, 200 or more guests? The answer is simple mathematics. Multiply the number of ounces for each ingredient by the number of servings you need. The total is how much of each you need to create a fantastic punch.
You can do this with any cocktail recipe as long as it has at least five ingredients. Find more great tips for saving money on wedding supplies on the iWedPlanner website. This is the one website that has everything you need to plan a wedding. Great tools like the wedding budget planner, seating charts and to-do-lists galore. They also offer free wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.


Post By:JackCreated Date:Jan 20, 2014
It's a important to all wedding guest who are all participate in wedding drinks party to celebrate and save a beer, wine and liquor on wedding party.
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