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How to tip your wedding vendors

Dec 19, 2017 | Posted by:  abi s

With so many expenses at hand, it is hard to appreciate an extra burden of tipping the vendors and their staff involved. It is true that things are getting pretty difficult to manage but you cannot ignore their efforts in making your wedding a success. As a token of gratitude you should spare some amount out of your budget and thank these people for the pains they took to serve you with the best services. In order to help you decide how much and when to tip different people involved, we have jotted down some important points.
1.    Planner- it is not customary to tip the wedding planner but you can always thank your planner for an exceptional service. This might constitute a thank you note and a tip of about 10-20% of the fee. As for the time, you can hand them over the envelope after the reception. In place of money you can also send a beautiful gift.
2.    Hairstylist- your stylist and make-up artist would definitely be expecting a tip for their efforts and this becomes all the more reasonable if they were involved in the hair-do or makeup of others as well. The tip can be around 15-25% depending on the quality of service.
3.    Setup staff- to the staff, setting and delivering important items such as cake and flowers you can pass a few dollars. If the arrangements require some more physical work to be done as it happens in case of an outdoor setup, workers deserve a tip too.
4.    Musicians- you can consider awarding your band for their outstanding performance at the ceremony. The amount can be $15 per musician.
You can also tip your photographer, caterer and the transportation personnel as per your fair judgment of their services. 


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