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How Wedding Vendors Can Help Make Wedding Planning Simpler

Aug 22, 2012 | Posted by:  abi s

The difference between you and a professional wedding planner is that he or she already have good relationships with some of the top wedding vendors. Having a wedding vendor that truly cares about their role as a purveyor of goods for brides is a big help. Planning a wedding is stressful enough without having to worry if the vendor will take advantage of your lack of knowledge. You can find great vendor reviews on many wedding websites.

Once the wedding RSVP’s start to pour in you may find yourself in need of a larger or smaller venue. It is helpful then to wait until half of the invitees have responded before dealing with the venue vendor. Looking for the perfect people to purchase your wedding supplies and to rent space for the ceremony and reception is a daunting task. Ask friends and relatives that have gotten married recently who they chose and why.

       Wedding Vendors

You can get valuable information about wedding florist, wedding caterers, and rental companies from those who have gone before you. Take advantage of the reviews and wedding forums on the internet. You can learn a lot about different local businesses online. Do not discout people that you already know. If you know someone who has a restaurant they may be open to the idea of catering your reception. When it comes to wedding planning there is no such thing as too much nepotism. Do not settle on the first vendor that seems to have what you desire. It is best to interview at least 3 vendros for each category. You can list more but in the end narrow it down to the 3 most likely prospects. Too many contacts can leave you confused.

It is also a good idea to already have a list of questions in hand when interviewing each. Ask them all the same general questions so you can get a true comparison. Here are a few sample questions:

  1. How long have you been in the business?

  2. How many weddings have you done work for?

  3. How many weddings do you take on in a year?

  4. What dates do you currently have available? If the answer doesn’t include your date, ask about alternate solutions.

  5. Can you provide 3 refrences from couples you have worked with in the past 2 years?

  6. How much of a deposit will be required?

  7. How long before the balance will be due?

  8. Do you have a cancellation policy?

This is the one time when you truly need to trust your instincts. Even if you conduct a telephone interview, make it a prelimanary interview. You can tell much more about a person in person than over the phone. Find out if the person you are interviewing will be the one that will actually perform the service.

Remember some wedding vendors need to be top priority since they are time sensitive. On your top priority list should be the wedding venue, the reception venue, the band or DJ, catrerers and the person who will officiate the ceremony.



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