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Is Las Vegas Best Place To Get Married

Oct 10, 2012 | Posted by:  abi s

Contrary to what people might think, Las Vegas is the perfect wedding spot. No matter where you live you can get married legally in Vegas. One of the biggest myths is that a Vegas marriage is not legal. Well, just ask Brittany Spears, she got married on a whim to a friend as a joke only to find out later that it was a legal and binding contract.

Las Vegas has become renowned for its many wedding chapels. While many of themes may seem like a joke the officials and the license you receive will not be. This is a city that is a wedding Icon. Whether you are eloping or planning a big wedding you can find a chapel to suit your needs.

          Las Vegas

There are many chapels that are booked a year or more in advance. You could get married at the Planet Hollywood chapel. This is the same building that the “KING” Elvis tied the knot to Priscilla in, it was called the Aladdin then but people are still getting married there. The true fan can even have their wedding officiated by one of the many Elvis impersonators that work there. For brides and grooms who want to hold their weddings outside, The Grove, is the perfect choice.

Las Vegas has sun year round but remember from May to September the days will likely top out above the 100° mark. This has to be a consideration when thinking about your dress and tux for the wedding. The nights are cooler so many brides opt for a late wedding so they can take advantage of the cool air. The winter months are better for weddings in Las Vegas.

Speak with a wedding planner in Las Vegas and they will all tell you to avoid planning a wedding during peak tourist season. Holidays are the worst times to get married in Vegas, especially Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Years. It may sound romantic but there is generally a 5-10 hour wait in a line for use of a chapel. Even the dowdiest chapels will have a waiting list during this time. Forget about accommodations and wedding venues for the reception, many are booked up in advance.

Planning a wedding in Las Vegas means getting that perfect wedding dress. The difference here is that you could actually rent the dress of your dreams. If you want to save thousands by not owning the dress this is the place to do it. They have creations from famous wedding gown designers and while you are looking you may want to remember how hot it is and choose something with no sleeves and less volume.

You can use your wedding planning apps to plan your own Vegas wedding and by planning at least a year in advance you might just get the wedding venues you really want. Who says, that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas well if you tie the knot in Vegas you can take that license anywhere in the world and be sure you are legally hitched.



Post By:greekCreated Date:Dec 30, 2013
Off course It's a nice place to get a married. There have a beautiful places for planning a wedding in outdoor and indoor locations.
Post By:GarciaCreated Date:Nov 15, 2013
Nice wedding decorations and wedding place ...
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