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iwedplanner A cool app for making your wedding countdown

Oct 22, 2018 | Posted by:  abi s

Make your guests enthralled one your special day with your preparations and stress-free and stunning look. A cool wedding countdown app will coax on your special day. Wedding planning is a big thing to finish on time, isn’t it? With so many things to look at, it gets really difficult for a couple to finish their wedding planning on time. Well, the Wedding countdown app is the easiest solution for this! How? You can use the application and set up a certain period countdown till your wedding date. Even if you have a perfect wedding planner at your disposal, you can reduce the stress factor with this cool application!
Schedule the countdown either on a monthly/weekly/daily priority basis:
The Wedding countdown app is very easy to use. After you launch the application, you have to enter a few details like your name, your wedding date and you have to select the time zone as well. As soon as you finish entering all these details, you will be redirected to another page to plan your wedding countdown. You can plan the wedding countdown six or four months prior on a monthly basis. On last month of the countdown, you can make the countdown on a weekly basis. On the week of your wedding, you can turn the wedding countdown on a day to day prior, isn’t it cool?
Share the countdown with your family members, friends, and wedding guests:
The best part of using the Wedding countdown app is; you can share the details with anyone you want! All you have to do is; share the URL link with your friends, family members, and wedding guests. With you, they will also become a part of the wedding day countdown!
Track and from anywhere:
When you use the wedding countdown app the major advantage that you will enjoy is the accessibility from anywhere. All you need to do is to download the iwedplanner’s wedding planning app from the store as per your device whether it is iOs or Android OS. Track your countdown from any location!!


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