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Make Your Wedding Planning Simple With RSVP Seating Budget and To Do List

Nov 30, 2012 | Posted by:  abi s

Wedding planning is a process that takes great organizational skills. The tools you need are available free for the iPad and iPhone. These mobile apps have everything you need to organize and plan your wedding. The problem for many trying to plan their own weddings without the help of a wedding planner is not knowing where to begin. There is so much to do that even just the thought of it can be overwhelming. The mobile wedding planner apps will have all that you need to begin.


The apps have all of the to-do lists that you need to plan an extraordinary wedding. The Internet along with mobile software has made what would seem an insurmountable task manageable. Below you will find complete descriptions of the 5 most essential items necessary when planning a wedding, these can also be used for other types of events as well.

  1. The most important tool you will have is the budget calculator. The budget will determine what type of wedding you will ultimately have. The more money in the budget the more lavish an affair you will be able to plan. the budget calculator allows you to itemize your expenditures. By setting a budget for each item you can clearly see where it is going and if you get a few things for less than you budgeted, the excess can easily be added to another item.

  1. To-Do-List – With these you can track what you need to accomplish and when. The lists are easy to view and are adjustable to your needs. There are some things that are standard on the list but there is definitely room for you to add more items as you think of them.

  1. E-mail reminders- You can set reminders for important dates and events leading up to the wedding. The day before you will get an email letting you know of the event, its date and time. The apps also have reminder capability.

  1. Seating arrangements – The free wedding planner apps for iPad and iPhone will have the same charts as the iwedplanner website. These allow you to choose from different table and chair designs. This way you can do virtual simulations of different arrangements allowing you to maximize space.

  1. Resources - When buying real estate you may heard that location is everything, when planning a wedding it is access to resources that makes the difference. Not having to run down vendors by looking through a phone book or driving all over town, saves time and money. You will find that your apps give you connections to thousands of vendors for things like wedding cakes( ), wedding dresses and everything in between.

Use everything that is available to you when planning your wedding, by doing this you will have the best chance of making it a success. When making your lists remember to categorize them by date, making sure the items that need to be taken of first are on the top of the list. Some items will be time sensitive.



Post By:HannahCreated Date:Dec 20, 2013
Ya, this is useful one for all brides. Every wedding planners are must use this app. I think this is very simple for all users to using.
Post By:peter sonCreated Date:Nov 18, 2013
cool nice image I get best idea for Seating Budget and To Do List , app for iphone was so user friendly
Post By:Joe RootCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
The RSVP Guest invitation was nice and easy for me to send my invitations the guest with the use of these wedding planner application
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