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Marriage Name Change Is Back In Vogue

Feb 14, 2014 | Posted by:  abi s

There was a time when women felt that taking on their husbands name was somehow diminishing who they were as individuals. Over the last decade that trend has seen a big decline. Women are going back to traditional name change or doing something totally different.                                                                                                                        name change service
It is surprising in that in this forward-thinking age so many are taking a traditional approach to marriage name change. Today couples view their marriage as a collaborative effort, with the husband and wife as equals. With this being the prevalent viewpoint that the conversation of who will change their last name is going to come up. Modern brides have come full circle in that they are seeing the name change as a commitment to their new family instead of something to oppress them.
Easy Name Change did a survey that showed most brides decided on a name change for personal reasons rather than trying to make a statement. We can expect as many as 80% of new brides to need information about name change services. While the number of brides that are changing their names after the wedding is increasing there is another growing trend.
Men are taking the bull by the horn and for whatever reason some are actually taking on their wives last name. The only states that make it easy for a man to do this is Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Massachusetts, North Dakota and New York. For a man to change his last name in other states requires a long drawn out process and tons of fees. There was one case in California that garnered a lot of attention. Michael Buday wanted to take his wife’s name but the state required that he pay over $300 in court costs, put an ad in a local paper for several weeks and go before a judge to get final approval. In contrast a woman only has to pay $50-$80 and change her name right on the marriage license. That is a big discrepancy, the ACLU thought so and took on the case. Buday vs the State of California was a landmark win for gender discrimination.
The name change service is governed by state laws and you should check with your local county clerk’s office to get the correct procedural information. Trust iwedplanner to keep you informed about everything to do with getting married. On this website you will find great articles just like this one, articles designed to give you the most comprehensive information and delightful ideas to help you plan your wedding and your future.


Post By:KatherineCreated Date:Apr 12, 2014
This an interesting post to read on marriage name change service and happy to know the changes taking place in name change formalities.
Post By:BriannaCreated Date:Feb 14, 2014
It is a real one. Every wedding couples are change our name after the marriage. It's important for all brides. So change your name after marriage for concern using this wedding planners.
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