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Must have photographs for wedding album

Nov 25, 2019 | Posted by:  abi s

Wedding day is one of the most memorable events in anybody’s life. All those moments of anxiety and happiness when you were made to feel truly special will float in your memory for a long time. A perfect photo shoot will help you relive these memories whenever you feel nostalgic about that day. A professional photographer would know best which shots are worth taking but even then you can tell him your favorites, so that when it is done you have everything to cherish it afterwards.
  1. Ambience- before the ceremony begins it would be great to capture some shots of your painstaking work in setting the scene. Venue, bouquets, décor, tables and cake are some things that will remind you of the efforts that were involved in making your wedding a real success.
  2. Bridal party- you will want pictures of your wedding gown and its accessories. Other pictures can be from hair-do, make-up and the people present at the time. The first picture of bride in wedding gown along with bridesmaids is a fantastic click.
  3. For groom- similarly shots from groom getting ready along with groomsmen can be captured.
  4. Service- there are a number of moments at service such as when the bride and groom look at each other for the first time, arrival of bride, close-up of bride’s dress and her shoes, vows, the first kiss and confetti shot.
  5.  Couple- photos of bride and groom on the wedding altar after the vows, bride and groom hugging parents, receiving congratulations and sharing laughs. Then there are photos of couple with bridesmaids, best men and close relations in different combinations.
  6. Toasts- expression of guests, parents, bride and groom when they are giving speech is worth capturing.


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