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Newlywed Guide Making The House Feel Like A Home

Nov 22, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

A house is simply a building and it takes you to make it a home. A home is the place where you will feel safe as your love grows. It is the place that you will begin to grow from newlyweds into family. When you begin the wedding planning process where you will live will undoubtedly come up. When you return from your honeymoon is when the marriage truly begins. You have to find the perfect house or apartment, then find ways to incorporate his stuff and your stuff and new stuff so that it reflects both of you in an aesthetically pleasing motif.
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After finding the right house it is time to let the nesting begin. When you dump two personalities into one space there are bound to be issues. One of the first things you need to figure is if your ideas of what a home is are on the same page. For many home is the place that you can just throw your things down and crash, while others see home as somewhere that has to be neat and tidy all the time. everything has a place and for some people they expect you to make sure you keep your things and theirs in those places. This may sound like a small thing but not ironing out a compromise if you are on different planets in this regard can be the cause of many epic battles.
In homemaking, it is important that you begin the process of turning yours and mine into ours as soon as possible. When decorating your home it is important that you mix your DVDs, your books on the bookcase and be sure to place knickknacks that belong to you and him in prominent places mixed together. Changing a mindset about personal belongings is hard. You have to understand you are both dealing with coming from a place in your life where everything was mine, mine, mine and mine again to a place in life where you have two relinquish control is not going to be easy. This will not be as big a problem for someone from a larger family as it might be for someone who was an only child or on their own for very long time. But this one a is one of the most crucial stumbling blocks when it comes to making a house a home.
Do not be discouraged because and every relationship their agility one partner that is a neat nick and one that is more casual but it can work. Just think about it if opposites did not attract you would not be now married to the person that you are. Instead of expecting each other to change completely learn how to compromise. If you are the person that is most OCD where the shoes should be, or not leaving the cups on the counter it is best not to nag the other person but find ways to encourage their participation.
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