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Order an Italian Wedding Cake This Season for Your Loved Ones

Mar 05, 2016 | Posted by:  abi s

Italian wedding cakes are known for their simplicity and elegance. Most of them are traditional and have been the focal point of many Italian weddings for centuries. Apart from the way they look, Italian wedding cakes are preferred for their taste. Most of them are simply delicious, and some types offer different ways to enjoy dessert during the wedding festivities. In fact, they are meant to be shared not just by the bride and groom, but also by guests. Hence, you may want to consider ordering an Italian wedding cake if you want something that is easy to share and enjoy by everyone in your wedding party.
Seasoned Italian bakers and cake shops that specialize in Italian pastries can create the perfect wedding cake for you and your loved ones, whether it is a traditional colorful fruit cake or a multi-tiered cake. Using a wedding planner app, you should be able to find local bakers who can make an Italian wedding cake for your big day. This way, you do not have to import cakes from Italy or have difficulty working with inexperienced bakers.
Italian wedding cakes come in many different options, like the millefoglie, which means 'a thousand layers'. It is a traditional wedding cake that is composed of several extremely thin sheets of pastry similar to filo in terms of texture. The layers are interspersed with light cream like chocolate or mascarpone, then topped with berries and powdered sugar, resulting in a simple and pretty cake.
The millefoglie may not be a tall cake, but if you want something that towers, consider the profiterole cake—a common staple at Italian weddings on the mainland. It is made of many small and round cream-filled pastries (the profiterole) and coated with caramel or dark chocolate sauce. Most profiterole cakes are works of art that can impress your guests. Another option in tall Italian wedding cakes is the classic tiered white cake, which can be decorated and shaped in many ways. White symbolizes the purity of the bride and her devotion to her husband. 


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