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Out of this World Favors for Your Wedding

Nov 21, 2016 | Posted by:  abi s

Out of this World Favors for Your Wedding
Planning a wedding is no small feat, and it’s all in the details. From the dress to the tux, venue to caterer, registry to honeymoon accommodations, there’s so much to keep track of. With the hubbub of planning your special day, it can be easy to overlook some of the basics, leaving you to scramble for something at the last minute. Instead of sticking to the same old wedding favors that guests will throw away or forget at the end of the night, consider one of these unique options.
A Toast to the Occasion
Champagne is synonymous with wedding celebrations—what’s a party without some good bubbly? Combine your wedding toast libations and your wedding favors into individual champagne bottles for each guest. You can add a personal touch with mini champagne wedding favors personalized with the bride and groom’s names or wedding date. This is a great favor idea that can be enjoyed in the moment or taken home as a wonderful memento of a lovely celebration, and it kills two birds with one stone—what could be better?
A Touch of Nature
If you and your fiancé are avid lovers of the outdoors, incorporate your passion for nature with small potted plants at each table setting. You could choose succulents—great for those friends who just can’t seem to cultivate that green thumb—or choose blooms that match your wedding color scheme. Whether you choose minimalist containers or traditional pots to match your décor, your guests are bound to love this wedding favor. Just like your love, these plants can be cultivated and grown with care. Okay enough with the cheese, onto the next favor idea.
A Reprieve from Foot Pain
Everyone loves to bust a move at a raucous wedding, but women tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to comfort and footwear. Since many of the ladies in attendance are likely going to be wearing heels, give their tootsies a chance to breathe. Put together a basket of inexpensive slippers or flip flops and place it at the entrance of the reception hall or outdoor venue. That way, when they’re ready to cut a rug, they won’t have to wince while doing so.
Seasonal Gifts
If you’re having a winter wedding, why not provide a beautiful tree ornament that commemorates the occasion? If you’re having a summer celebration, consider sunglasses or cute little sun block containers that guests can use on their next beach day—or during your day-time wedding to avoid the sun’s harmful rays. Inexpensive and timely, seasonal gifts are sure to be a hit with your guests.
Charitable Donations
Instead of wasting your money on favors that might be forgotten within the hour, consider doing something more meaningful with your wedding planning funds. Donate the amount you would have used on favors to a charity or organization that helps a cause close to your heart. At each table setting, give each guest a placard that explains a donation was made in their name. Your gift may just inspire them to contribute further to the cause. On a day meant to celebrate love, this is a wonderful way to pay it forward.
Fun Prints
Are you art fans? Perhaps one of you is an artist yourself. Fun prints of your favorite pieces, or prints of your own work can be wonderful offerings for your guests. Not looking for prints? What about fun phone cases, or mugs? Check out Society6 and find a variety of fun items that can be customized with the art of your choice. Upload your own work and transform your art into gifts your guests can enjoy for years to come. 
Sweeter Sweets
Weddings are often known for a for simple sugary confections like Jordan almonds and mints- their pastel color selections are great for matching with many a bride’s soft color schemes, but their taste is often lacking.Skip those gross butter mints and stop browsing for personalized chocolate treats. With these unique offerings, your wedding celebrations are sure to be a standout. 


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