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Plan Your Wedding In Your Budget

Oct 26, 2012 | Posted by:  abi s

Chances are if you are reading this, you are contemplating planning your first wedding. The thing is most brides-to-be and their friends have never planned a wedding and most do not know what costs to expect. Using a wedding budget calculator is a great way to find out what costs you should expect. The great thing about these is that you do not need to know the exact figures to come up with a workable budget. Approximation work great for a preliminary budget.

Like the professional wedding planner that came up with this idea you can decide what you want to speed and when you find out exactly how much this item is really going to cost adjust your figures. What makes a high cost wedding beautiful and glamorous is not so much the price of the items but the way it is organized and how the planner utilizes the funds given.

Just to give you a rough idea as to what you are looking at. 2/4ths of your total wedding budget will probably go to the reception. The wedding dress is only 1/10 of the total budget and the decorations are about another 10th. That leaves you 20% for invitations, band or DJ, wedding favors and such. The other 2/4ths is for the honeymoon unless you are opting to honeymoon at a later date. Not many remember that the honeymoon is a part of the total wedding cost.

                                     Weddding Budget

The wedding budget planner is a very useful tool that can be found on any wedding website like iwedplanner. You get started by entering the basic information like date, number of guest, location and how much you think you want to spend. Click on the submit button and soon you will see cost for typical wedding items. Now all you need to do is add/remove items as you like and you will have a customized budget that matches your projected costs.

What you will see on the list is things like:



Wedding gown




Spa and beauty




Jewelry (bride and bridesmaids)



These things all go into designing the fairytale wedding of a woman’s dream. There will be things that you won’t find listed on the budget calculator but there should be space to add things that you want without losing what is already there. When planning for you guests, $150.00 per guest is usually what you can expect to spend on catering and reception space. Overall to have a decent wedding with 100 guests you will need $35-40,000. This is obviously a bit much and if you want to cut cost by eliminating a few guests.

Using an online wedding budget calculator will help you to realistically look at your wedding costs. You will know at once how much you need to save to have the wedding you really want and best of all you can find free wedding planner apps that allow you to work on your budget on the go.



Post By:JullyCreated Date:Nov 20, 2013
Wedding budget planning is not only a saved money. it app prepared to buy before a weddings. So, Every wedding peoples are must plan or wedding budget before our wedding.
Post By:Donald HarrisCreated Date:Oct 29, 2012
Wonderful idea to save the money in the wedding planning. Superb article for wedding budget planning.
Replied By:ben john
Just look at iwedplanner blogs and wedding budget planner tool which help you in planning the wedding.
Replied By:James smith
How to plan my wedding budget...........?
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