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Planning an eventful daytime wedding

Dec 12, 2017 | Posted by:  abi s

If you are planning on organizing a wedding ceremony different from the clichéd settings, a daytime wedding is a very good option that couples are finding interesting in terms of both cost and entertainment. If lucky, you can even book a venue that has been pre-booked for the evening at reduced rates. Here we are enlisting some useful tips that will help you in planning a perfect day ceremony.
1.    Venue arrangements- it is highly probable that your venue has organized a wedding event, an evening before your wedding day. If such is the case your vendors will be required to start very early in the morning. Thus it becomes very important that you discuss this issue before booking your vendors.
2.    Weather conditions- planning a daytime event will take some effort on making provisions for air-conditioning and shades if the date is set in summer. Therefore make sure your chosen venue has provisions for such facilities.
3.    Dance- a daytime ceremony does not really inspire a dance event. Therefore after your first dance you can plan some other fun activity for your guests depending upon the space your venue provides.
4.    Food- if the reception starts at 3 pm, you would definitely not want to starve your guests by then. Plan on incorporating a brunch prior to the reception to keep your guests fully satisfied.
5.     Travel plan- it is very important that you specify the exact time of ceremony so that your guests may appropriately plan their travel schedule.
Evening entertainment- you are not obliged to entertain your guests for the evening, however for those staying in town for the rest of the day you can provide a list of popular sightseeing places and restaurants.


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