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Point checklist Miami wedding venues

Apr 16, 2018 | Posted by:  abi s

Everyone dreams to make the wedding special and unique with the personal touch without any complications. Appropriate choice of wedding venue can make your dream come true. This will be easy with the most charming Miami wedding venues. Miami-the city of rich history and culture. A proper plan will make things simple. Don’t get frustrated of forgetting anything in your plan; whether you are planning your wedding in last month or twelve months before simply follow the wedding checklist from iwedplanner to help your work done rapidly and easily.  
            Following the wedding checklist before selecting the Miami wedding venue.
Initial phase: 10- 12 months:
  • Plan the budget.
  • Identify your wedding style- wedding ideas
  • Know the guest count- draft the guest list (initial phase, it can vary later on).
  • Sign up on iwedplanner- the perfect way to planning.
  • Find the wedding venue in Miami as per your wedding style. Make use of iwedplanner’s ultimate wedding venue details.
  • Prepare your wedding dress and look for the appropriate accessories.
  • Research about the vendors list those who are up to your taste and book them for your special day
    • Photographer
    • Caterer
  • If you are making a plan in a month plan this phase in a week.
  • Don’t get stressed out, Reckon hiring a wedding planner and make it simple.
Second Phase: 5-9 months:
  • Research about the other vendors who can make your wedding special.
    • Cake designer
    • Floral designer
    • DJ/Entertainment
  • Guest accommodation
  • Transportation facilities
Third phase:  2-4 months:
  • Rehearsal
  • Finalizing all the arrangements.
  • Make-up and stylists finalization.
Final phase: final month:
  • Make sure everything is on the track by confirmation.
  • Confirm the final guest count and share it with the vendors who need it.
The day before:
  • Check for the all the wedding day items.
  • Attend the rehearsal.
On your special day:
  • Relax and get ready to rock on your event. No need to stress out everything is well organized, all you need to do is to rock.


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