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Remarkable bachelor party ideas

Jan 04, 2018 | Posted by:  abi s

Generally a bachelor party revolves around strippers and alcohol. If you want to go beyond the traditional lap dances, there are a number of other ideas that you can follow.
1.    Baseball- it can be real fun and above all cost free. Keep drinking beer in between and when you are finished you can always visit a pub for further celebration. If the groom doesn’t feel up to playing baseball you can go for a bowling match. Divide the party into two teams. The team that loses pays for the beers.
2.    Barbecue- make your backyard or patio useful and host a bachelor barbecue. Make everyone contribute a dish or drinks and this way you can enjoy it at the fullest.
3.    Roast- you can organize a roast for this occasion. Set up a throne for the groom and start launching attack on him. As for the limits they are up to you to decide and don’t forget to spice it up with booze and chicken.
4.    Sports night- you can arrange the bachelor party on the night of a big game. Reserve a few seats at your favorite sports bar and enjoy the evening while the game goes on.
5.    Road trip- kidnap the groom and take the party on a long road trip. You can consider going to Vegas or Atlantic City. You can even plan on crossing the borders to Mexico or Canada. In this case just don’t forget to keep your passports with you.
6.    Shooting range- if your group is willing to fire some shots, you can take the party to a shooting range. It would be a great experience to try a whole new range of guns. Make it exciting by placing wagers on the winner.


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