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Secrets that you should know while choosing your wedding hairstyle

Jan 08, 2019 | Posted by:  abi s

Your bridal look doesn’t get complete without a wedding hairstyle. A good wedding hairstyle is the perfect complement for your wedding dress and will make you look great. With the great looks, your looks in your wedding photographs will be absolutely gorgeous. Note that gorgeous or disaster depends on the hairstyle you choose. Yep!! Your hairstyle can even become a disaster if you opt for the one that won’t match with your wedding attire.
Getting Confused?!! Having lots of questions like, how to choose the wedding hairstyle? Do expert guidance is required?? Will it get over my budget? Hit all those doubtful questions with the handy solution from iwedplanner the “wedding hairstyle app”. This app allows you to try out different hairstyles just by uploading your photo. It also has the feature of sharing it with your loved ones by which you can decide whether the one that you have opted for looks good on you. With the overwhelming options making decisions may get difficult.  Here are some secrets that every bride should know while opting a wedding hairstyle.
  • Choose a style that complements your outfit, not the one that competes with it.
  • Choose the hairstyle that fits your face shape and the hair type. Don’t blindly go for the one that doesn’t suit your hair texture. It not only spoils your look but also your hair.
  • Consider the length of your hair. Different hairstyle works differently for a different length of the hair. A style which is elegant for long hair may not suit for the one with the short. So work according to the length.
  • Wedding location and the weather on the day of your wedding.  If you have an indoor wedding or wedding during cooler climates, go for any hairstyle of your choice but in case of an outdoor wedding or wedding in the hot, humid climate consider buns and updo.
  • Look for inspiration. Do some research in the social media and get a reference from the celebrity looks and experts words (famous hairdresser’s ideas). Collect the looks that inspired you. 


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