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Selecting a venue How to make use of seating chart for the venue you have opted

Sep 11, 2018 | Posted by:  abi s

Selecting a venue and creating seating arrangements seems to be an overwhelming process in the wedding planning.  But it is actually fun to make the seating arrangements for your wedding reception with the seating chart app from iwedplanner in the venue that you have opted for your special day. If you are confused about how to make use of the seating chart app here is the ultimate guide for you to plan your wedding seating chart. With this guide, you can make your arrangements and can give a thumbs up for your effort.
  • Table shape: Before starting the seating plan you need to decide the size and shape of the table. How many guests can occupy each table? The basic table shapes are oval, rectangle, square and oval. Choose the one that suits your taste, venue, guest list and provides more space. Most importantly choose the one that will be more comfortable for all guests.
  • Guest group categorization: Categorize your guests into groups. There are two options for grouping. Grouping by how you know them like family members, school friends, college friends, office friends, and so on.  Grouping in this way will make both you and the guests more comfortable where they will be grouped with the people they know. Grouping by age, interest, and backgrounds. This will be a mix of familiar and new faces which makes everyone feel comfortable. Make sure to have your BFF near and allocate the seats for parents where they can make themselves comfortable.
  • Special kids seating: Check the kid's list in the guest list and if you have more kids designate special kids table where they can be comfortable. Make a table which will make them entertained.
  • Floorplan: Plan by considering the floor plan with which you won't ruin the view of the celebrations. Consider all type of guest from oldies to kids while making the seating chart.
  • Digital seating chart check: Customize the seating chart according to the guest list in the iwedplanner's seating chart app which will act not only as a blueprint but also provides a clear view of the seating arrangement.


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