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Selecting a venue Ways to save in selecting a venue

Sep 04, 2018 | Posted by:  abi s

Selecting a venue is an important and not much easy task. When you plan to exchange your rings the first and the most important thing that you should start your planning with is the wedding venue. With the availability of best wedding planning apps like iwedplanner the task has become quite simpler. Selecting a venue takes a hefty portion in your allocated budget. It doesn't mean you can't save there are several ways that will help to find your dream venue within your budget and reduce spending more.   
Time:  The first factor that will help you to save is the time. Planning your wedding during an unpopular time is one of the easiest ways to save more. Look on the most preferred season. With the warm climate, summer is the most preferred wedding season. So the one who plans to exchange the rings in the winter will sure enjoy the advantage of saving some cash. Apart from the season have a thought about the days too. Prefer for weekdays to save more compared to weekends.
Plan at the place where you find affordable: Do some research. If you find hosting your wedding in another city or country is comparatively best in case of budget then opt for it. Don't just calculate about the venue include all the expense such as travel expense and so on. Compare the result with the one that you consider in your home city and make a wise choice.
Consider the one that is not a regular one: Considering a most popular and most common venue that everyone will look for such as hotels, restaurants, historic buildings and so on that will host weddings regularly may be available in your budget but if you are really looking for the one by which you can save some then you should opt for the one where wedding will be hosted occasionally such as museums, gardens and so on. 
The City hall or Courthouse: If you don't bother about hosting a smaller wedding then you can opt for city hall or courthouse as your wedding venue.
Opt for fewer food and beverage packages compared with the one with large and luxurious choices.


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