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The coolest applications available in iwedplanner for every couple Wedding countdown

Nov 12, 2018 | Posted by:  abi s

The coolest yet one of the smart options available in iwedplanner is the wedding countdown. The wedding countdown app with the remainder feature acts as the remainder not only for the couple but also for the guests. This application from iwedplanner is available for free of cost and can be downloadable for both Android and iOS smartphones. The countdown can be accessed whenever the users can access their smartphones. This application acts as a simple but efficient solution for your wedding countdown. Know the reasons why every couple should make use of this app by knowing about the features available in this app,
Features to be utilized in iwedplanner’s wedding countdown app:
Download the application in your mobile and set the date of your wedding and start your countdown right after setting the date.
  • Share: This feature makes the countdown app acts just like a wedding invitation. The sharing feature available in the wedding countdown app will allow you to remind your friends and guest the time remaining for your special day. It allows you to share the countdown which you created by setting the date of your wedding with all the people you love to share via social media, email, and message.
  • Customize: With the customizable option the user can add their own phrases and can feed the to-do list timings and so on. The user can also change the features like color, font, background, and others as per their taste.
  • Remainder Alerts: With wedding countdown app you won’t forget anything and get stressed. The alert feature in this app will remind you about the schedule of the day. Customize and feed your schedule while setting your countdown. The remainder feature will remind you with the alert messages and make you stress-free. You can set alerts before the month, week, day, or even a year before your special day.
Regardless of the place and time, you can get access to the application. Just download the coolest application from iwedplanner and start the timer from any location.


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