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The Mystery Of The Delicious Wedding Cake

Aug 10, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Most people think of a wedding cake as merely a delicious work of art that when cut is a signal that the reception is winding down. Traditionally in ancient Rome, the wedding cake(bread) was broken over the couples heads to bring good luck in the marriage. In medieval times in England the tradition changed, cakes were stacked as high as possible and the couple then tried to kiss each other over the top. If they were successful in the kiss it was believed to be a sign that the couple would have a prosperous and happy marriage.
wedding cake
There is an age old myth that tells of a pastry chef visited England, witnessed the kissing over the top of the stacked cakes and was inspired, thus the wedding cakes we know and love today was born. We cannot say whether this is true or false, what we can’t say is that through the years the original idea of the pile of sweet rolls that form a tower called a croquembouche is still very popular in France today. The tower is built from Profiteroles and generally is the top tier of a wedding cake. 
Everything about a wedding cake is chocked full of symbolism. Cutting the cake is no exception. Originally the bride was the only one cutting and distributing the cake as it was seen as a symbol of fertility. As the number of layers grew and the icing supporting them got thicker it became more difficult for a lone woman to cut the groom started to help her, thus the tradition of the dual cutting came into being.
Today the wedding cake has become the blank canvas for many bakers, elevating them from mere pastry chefs to true artisans. The modern wedding cake can cost up to a thousand dollars or more. Chefs take special training in decorating, learning how to make those beautiful flowers, fancy ribbons and bows, shells, jewels and in some cases avant-garde items. When choosing a wedding cake baker or bakery it is important that you consider the education of the chef but it is also important to recognize that someone who has been a successful baker for a lot of years with a strong following but has no formal training is just as capable. Choosing a wedding cake and a wedding cake bakeries is a huge task, learn more about wedding cakes right here.


Post By:jasminCreated Date:Feb 06, 2014
yummy !! the wedding cakes has these kinds of mystery inside ??? wow it is really amazing i like very much these posts. i need these variety of posts in future!!! please continue your work.
Post By:jefriCreated Date:Jan 03, 2014
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Post By:jonnyCreated Date:Dec 17, 2013
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Post By:jonnyCreated Date:Dec 03, 2013
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Post By:elizabethCreated Date:Nov 23, 2013
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Post By:leviCreated Date:Nov 08, 2013
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Post By:maryCreated Date:Oct 25, 2013
nice information about the cakes.It tells the history of cakes it is really useful for the cake lovers.thank u for your sharing.
Post By:johnabrahamCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
Some of the good information and specialties about the wedding cake are written this article. Thanks for sharing it.
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