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The Significance Of The Wedding Cake Tradition Or Superstition

Aug 21, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Something old,

Something new,

Something borrowed,

Something blue,

A silver sixpence in your shoe.

It seems that this little ditty has been used in America forever, no knows quite where it started, some say it was coined during Victorian times. No matter where it comes from it seems that people are more than happy to follow along. But just listening to rhyme you can see that it was meant to ward off evil and is steeped in superstition. The wedding cake tradition is another tradition that is also steeped in superstitious beliefs of days of old.

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A lot of people today look at a wedding cake as just a lovely dessert to serve to their guests or as a symbol of status and wealth. This tradition is a carryover from pagan times. Ancient Romans had a tradition of breaking a loaf of barley honey bread over the head of the bride. The groom would eat some of it and break the other half over her head to symbolize the loss of her virginal state. It was also a symbol of the grooms dominance over the bride. It’s a good thing that wedding cake evolved into the huge monstrosities that they are today, it is not possible to actually break the cake over anyone’s head. This tradition died out but there were still some reports of okay and other smaller cakes being broken over bride say it even in 19th century Scotland. This was a very chauvinistic tradition and would probably meet with a lot of resistance by the modern bride.

Another tradition associated with the wedding cake is a custom of stacking sweet buns and a large crowd in front of many with requiring them to try and kiss each other over the top of the pile. The superstition associated with this was that there would be lots of children in the couple’s future. In the 17th century, and well into 19th century the bride’s pie was served during the bride’s breakfast. A ring of glass was baked into the pie and the common belief that that time was that the one we found the ring would be the next to be married.

Another quaint tradition that dates back to the 17th century and was still in practice in 18th century is the tradition of giving a piece of the cake of the gift to bridesmaids. The brides would take off their rings and Pat has tiny crumbs a case rim and given to the gas who in turn would place them under their pillows hoping to dream of their future spouses. When brides stop getting their rings back, this custom soon lost its luster.

Four years in the minds of most peoples, wedding cakes are supposed to be white. This is a very easy symbolism because white is a color that we associate with purity. Cutting the cake is also steeped in symbolism part importantly it is the first task that the bride and groom perform as husband and wife. It is a symbol of the partnership that they should enjoy during their marriage. Wedding cake bakers and bakeries today can design cakes that are any color you like any flavor you’d like. And although we do not put much stock in the traditions of the past when it comes to weddings, we tend to be willing to carry on lease traditions. Maybe somewhere in the back of the minds of modern-day man and woman these traditions still hold some significance. Learn more about wedding cakes how to find the best wedding cake bakeries and more on the www. website.



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The wedding cakes have a tradition and superstition. This article establishing the details about the secrets of wedding preparation.It is nice article for the new wedding cake makers.
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The wedding cakes are one of the important stuff in all weddings. Also the wedding cakes have a ancient tradition. Many wedding don't having the ideas for the wedding cake tradition. So this article only make a awareness about wedding cake tradition both wedding couples and planners.
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