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Tips for a perfect seating chart

Oct 31, 2017 | Posted by:  abi s

The planning involved in the arrangements of wedding can get really overwhelming at times. You have to pay attention to every minute detail in order to ensure a smooth flow of events. Even if you hire a wedding planner there are certain things that you cannot overlook. Preparing seating chart is one of those things. Though it is not mandatory to have a pre-defined way of seating your guests but because of the ease of making arrangements most venues insist on having a well-defined seating chart. Here we are providing a few important tips for a perfect seating arrangement.
1. Selection of table shape- once you have an idea of the seating space and the number of guests, the first thing is to decide the shape of tables. Rectangular shaped tables allow more space optimization and ease of talking across it. The more traditional round tables allow more leg space to the guests. 
2. Seating your friends- the sweetheart table is for the bride and groom. The second-best is for their parents. Now when it comes to third you should definitely populate it with your BFFs and their dates. This will not only acknowledge their value in your life but will make your wedding party more fun.
3. Take your parents’ help- ask for your mother’s and mother-in-law’s help while deciding seating arrangement of your relatives and your parents’ friends. They have more insight in such matters and will be happy to be a part of planning your wedding. 
4.  Kid’s table- it is best to designate a few separate tables for kids alongside their parents. Keep a few activities and games on them in order to keep children engaged for the course of event.


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