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Tips for an amazing wedding dance

Oct 20, 2017 | Posted by:  abi s

A perfect wedding is the dream of every couple. Amongst a few basic things that make a wedding truly special is an impeccable first dance. You cannot ignore its importance as it is probably the first thing that a couple does. Here we have mentioned a few notable things that will prepare you for the first dance with your partner.
1.    Picking the right song- finding the best song for your dance can be a bit tricky. You can start the discussion with your partner and try to figure out the one that you both find romantic. Instead of going for a popular hit you may also have a custom song made especially for your wedding. It is also crucial to ensure that the musical arrangement flows in accordance with dance. Some songs seem nice to listen but are not meant for dancing.
2.    Practice- you should start your rehearsals at least two months before the wedding day. Seeking a professional’s help is recommended if your knowledge of dance steps is stringent. They will suggest the best according to the theme of your song.
3.    Patience- see your dance lessons as a date with your partner. Instead of getting stressed, try to have fun as you prepare. While you are at it don’t keep teaching your fiancé, let the instructor do this work.
4.    Shoes- rehearse in the type of shoes that are similar to the ones you would be wearing on the wedding day.
5.    Consistency- take your lessons sincerely. It is best to take the weekend sessions and practice on the moves that you have learnt during the mean time.
Dance floor size- keep in mind the size of the dance floor that you would be getting on the day of performance otherwise the entire effort will turn useless.


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