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Tips For Choosing Wedding Cakes

Jul 12, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Few things are as much fun when it comes to planning a wedding as choosing wedding cakes. Think about it, what could be better than getting to sample a bunch of delicious confections? Before the tasting there has to be time spent envisioning the completed product. What is your dream wedding cake going to look like.

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In order to get the best results, your cake should be ordered at least 6 months before the wedding. This means the wedding cake parameters should be on the table as soon as you have chosen the wedding theme, wedding venue and wedding style. One place to start is with online wedding magazines and wedding books, they have thousands of photographs of some of the most magnificent wedding cakes around. While you may not want to duplicate the ones you see, they can serve as inspiration.

Just try to remember that the cake should be in line with the theme and aesthetics of the day. Formal weddings generally make use of the multi-tiered structured cakes. They can be square, hexagonal but most often they are round. The tiers can be on pillars are even stacked. White is a classic color for formal wedding cakes but chocolate flavor and tinted frostings are acceptable alternatives. If your wedding is not formal you have room to be as unconventional as you like.

Look for inspiration in the details and motif that you are planning for your wedding. One of the top wedding cake designers, Ron Ben-Israel has been quoted as saying there are four places from which to draw inspiration: fashion, nature, the menu and the location. The city, the brides wedding dress or wedding flowers and even the lace in the veil can be sources of inspiration.

Once you have a solid idea or two, it is time to find yourself a wedding cake baker. Many wedding cake bakeries have artists who can create amazing things out of sugar and flour. In some instances your wedding caterer may be able to bake your wedding cake. it is important that you not only sample the actual cake but that you also see samples of the types of decorations that will be used as well. The right wedding baker will let you know if your vision is doable or not.

Now that you know a bit more about choosing wedding cakes, you can use the excellent resource guide at iwedplanner to locate wedding cake bakeries in your area. The iwedplanner website has everything you need to plan the perfect wedding. They offer you a free wedding website as well as free wedding planner mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. This means you will 24/7 access to all of your wedding plans at your fingertips.



Post By:johnCreated Date:Feb 21, 2014
Thus the wedding cakes are the takes a important place at all kinds of the wedding couples are had a great confusion to purchasing a best wedding cakes for our weddings.This article providing the tips are useful for the all kinds of wedding couples to purchase a best wedding cakes.
Post By:mariaCreated Date:Feb 04, 2014
Nowadays the wedding cake makers are creates different variety of wedding the wedding couples had a huge confusion to selects our wedding cakes.but now they relief from the problem because this wedding article providing tips are used to avoid the unnecessary problems to selects their wedding cakes.
Post By:millerCreated Date:Jan 20, 2014
Wedding cakes are the important stuffs for the all kinds of weddings. So the wedding couples are must purchasing a best wedding cakes to their weddings at the same time the wedding cakes are must attract their quests. It giving the guidelines to select best wedding cakes to their weddings.
Post By:leviCreated Date:Dec 27, 2013
Nowadays various variety of wedding cakes a prepared by a wedding cake maker. so the wedding couples has a confusion to selecting our wedding cake. This article providing the ideas are used to find out the best wedding cake for our weddings.
Post By:BarbarajonesCreated Date:Oct 30, 2013
This article gives many idea about the wedding cake.The wedding cake color ,size and design information are useful for me .Thanks for post...
Post By:marktaylor67Created Date:Sep 25, 2013
Choosing the wedding cake size is mainly depends upon the number of guest attending the wedding reception.
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