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Tips to create a perfect wedding album

Nov 09, 2017 | Posted by:  abi s

Every camera in wedding clicks hundreds of photographs and it is not just your professional photographer. Today almost everyone has got an advanced camera and therefore you can simply not ignore their superior photographs. In order to help you create the perfect wedding album we have enlisted some important tips.
1.    Selecting photos- the first step is to separate blurred, similar and improperly cropped photos. This way you will be able to reject a considerable number. The next thing you can do is to choose 20 to 25 photos from every event. This is necessary to make sure your entire ceremony is fully covered.
2.    Happy moments- wedding ceremony is all about enjoyment and it should be appropriately covered in photographs as well. So while choosing the photos it is also important that everyone in the photo looks happy. Orientation of the photographs does not matter as long as it is not blurred.
3.    Edit your favorites- some spontaneous moments are better clicked than carefully posed ones. So before you ignore such photos on account of their imperfection, see if you can edit or crop such photographs to make them look better.
4.    Organize- it is better to organize the images in chronological order of the ceremony. Preparations, vows, reception and then departure. You can reserve a separate section for special bride and groom photos if you want.
5.    Guests- a wedding is all about the married couple. So if you want to include your guests it is better to select the ones that include the wedding couple.
6.    Don’t delay- it is better not to procrastinate in borrowing photos from friends and your professional photographers. Early organization will also help you in recollecting every significant detail of the wedding ceremony. 


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