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Tips To Help Your Wedding Guest Save on Accommodations

Feb 20, 2014 | Posted by:  abi s

Not another wedding invitation! Unfortunately this is the reaction of a lot of folks when they get a wedding invitation cards that requires them to travel away from home. They immediately start to calculate the enormous expense of staying in a hotel, buying garments and gifts, not to mention air fare and car rentals.
               guest accommodation
An out of town guest can easily spend up to $1000 per person when you factor all of these things in. Then of course they have to eat and lose time at work, even if the wedding is on the weekend there are people who work on those as well.
Let’s explore some ways that you can help the people you want at your wedding find it easier to send an RSVP that is a, “yes I’ll be there”.
The hugest expense is the hotel room, these can cost from $55 to a hundred or more per night double occupancy. Why not look into vacation rentals? You can easily find people willing to rent a house for weekend and many will sleep up to at least 10 people. If the rents is $750.00 that works out to $75 per couple or person. If is also cheaper to buy groceries and cook in than to eat out. You will definitely be seen as a terrific hostess if you take the time to find such rentals and make the option available to your guests. Here are a few more advantages to renting a home over sending people to a hotel.
  • There are larger bedrooms so a couple can stay together and couples who bring their children can assign the basement or a single bedroom for girls and boys. The children will have a blast.
  • There is no time limit in a home. The common areas can be accessed by all. Fun can be had at late night get-togethers. People who may not have seen each other for years get a chance to catch up.
If renting a room itself is not possible you can arrange to reserve a block of rooms at any local hotel. When you speak to the reservationist about wedding guest accommodations they are usually quite good about helping you get the rooms as inexpensively as possible. While most hotels will only block ten rooms at a time, it is easy to add more. As soon as you get four or five rooms booked call the hotel to add more.
Guest accommodations are important and helping the ones you love to attend the most important event of your life is a labor of love.


Post By:benjohnCreated Date:Apr 29, 2014
This is such a nice post to read on the expenses that are spent by the wedding guest while attending the wedding ceremony. Hope that the bride will come up with better plans to save the wedding guest budget by accommodating them properly.
Post By:ReginaCreated Date:Apr 11, 2014
I was planning whether to have guest accommodation or not but after reading this post i am now opting to accommodate my wedding guest. As i understood guest accommodation is part of wedding planning.
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