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Tricks and tips for wedding photography with the wedding photo app

Nov 21, 2019 | Posted by:  abi s

Wedding photos are one of the most precious memories of everyone’s life. Gone are the days where the couple needs to wait for days for the album to get delivered depending on the wedding photographer, in this technological era with the advancement of smartphone no more waiting period for the album to get delivered instantly click and share your snaps in the social media within seconds. Make it more professional with the help of the wedding photo app from the iwedplanner. Here are the tricks and tips for amazing wedding pics with the wedding photo app.
  • Make use of the different features: Don’t just depend on the default settings. Even though it is god try out the cool features which will enhance your photos. Consider using a different mode for different lighting and settings.
  • Lighting: Lighting is the most important part of any photograph. When using the wedding photo app make sure to check about the lighting, the perfect lighting reflects the perfect picture. For best shots try natural lighting, it is better than artificial lighting.
  • Check your camera lens:  It looks weird but it is an important tip that plays a major role. Clean your camera lens before using. Wipe your camera lens with the lens-friendly cloth.
  • Know the features of your Smartphone camera: Each and every type of smartphone has different features. It is important to know about your camera features. Smartphones now have the most advanced cameras which are highly competitive to DLSR. Most smartphones nowadays come up with a dual camera which offers high-quality zooms.  There are several other cool features offered by each smartphone. To make your picture perfect know the features available in your smartphone.
  • Perfect finish: Give a perfect finish to your snap with the help of filters, dimensional changes, edit the sharpness and give a different flavor to your pictures. Note: Don’t over-edit! This makes the snap to lack the original beauty.
iwedplanner’s wedding photo app is available or both Android and iOS users just make use of the simple tips and tricks to looks extremely good in your wedding photos.


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