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Types you should consider for a wedding dress

Jan 08, 2019 | Posted by:  abi s

The wedding dress is a dream for every bride. Each and every bride has their own unique idea in case of their wedding dress. There are several factors that every bride should consider while selecting their bridal dress. When selecting your wedding dress apart from considering the basic types you should also check out the latest styles that are up to the trending fashion. With the wedding dresses app from iwedplanner you can find all those things in one place from where you are. Here are some of the different types of wedding dresses that you must consider while making your choice.
Types to consider:
The wedding dresses are mainly linked with the shape of your body. The first and the foremost thing that you should do is to determine your body type (if you don’t know about it yet). The body types are majorly classified into hourglass, pear, and rectangle. Each type has a different type of dress to consider, know more about what you should try.
  • Hour-glass: With tiny waist, wide hips and well-endowed chest it is the most desired body type of all women. If you fall under this category then you can try of almost all type of dresses effortlessly. But considering your height is very important where you should avoid mermaid cuts when your body proportion is short.
  • Pear: If you fall in this body–type then you are the one with min waistline, wider hips and comparatively small shoulders (compared to hips). Consider wearing an empire-waist, ball gown which will help to emphasize your fuller hips.  You can also try out mermaid cuts by check your proportion and decide whether it will give the desired look.
  • Rectangle: If you feel that you are having a curvy waist and having a straight line from the bust to hip then your body type is rectangle!! To give a curvy look to your waist tries for a corset. Empire-waist, ball gown, and A-line are the best choices that will help to define the waistline. Try avoiding gowns that won’t define your waist like sheath gowns.


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