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Use Free iPad Wedding App For Wedding Reception Dinner Menu

Mar 26, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

The free wedding planner apps for iPhone will make planning your reception easier by you have to first figure out what you want to serve. This is sometimes a difficult decision, considering that you not only have to accommodate your own taste, but consider what your guests will enjoy as well.
When planning your wedding, there will be many areas that will be come a source of contention between the bride and groom the wedding menu is one of those items. The siding on what foods to serve can be almost physically painful and times. Building a menu for the large gathering is different than planning for Sunday dinner. Although there are some similarities. Below you will find five things you should keep in mind when planning your menu.
Reception Dinner Menu
One thing you should remember when planning your wedding menu is that it is less expensive to use items that are in season and even more so if they are local. A spring or summer wedding is the perfect time to economize by keeping the menu light. A nice salad to begin the meal or even better offer a selection of fruits. The main course is easy this time of year, seafood like trout, salmon or Mahi Mahi will make a big impact. Mix it up with a surf and turf.
For Fall and Winter caterers generally suggest that you use some of the items from a traditional Holiday meal. You can choose a duck or capon as well as the tried and true standards like turkey and ham. One idea that is trending right now is to serve comfort foods. This is very popular with brides that are planning a low wedding budget. Dress up a few family favorites for the occasion. Many ask family members to help by making their signature dishes.
If you want to make your wedding menu memorable you should steer clear of the standard Chicken and Beef main dishes.  One great idea is to use your honeymoon destination as the theme for your menu. If you are going to some place tropical, serve foods from that area. Your menu is up to you and it can be as lavish and unique as your budget will allow. The best part about planning your menu is that you get to sample all of the food choices before hand.
For help with finding sample wedding reception menus, use the free wedding planner app for iPad. This tool connects you to the iwedplanner website where you will find great ideas shared by brides and wedding caterers. Just join the lively conversations son the forums or read wedding blogs started by other brides.


Post By:Samantha RuthCreated Date:Dec 10, 2013
The Dinner menu for my wedding is easy to select with the use of this wedding planner app.
Post By:judeCreated Date:Dec 10, 2013
Selecting the wedding reception dinner menu was easy for me to find with the use of this free wedding planner app.
Post By:RachealCreated Date:Nov 28, 2013
Really this app helped me in choosing the best wedding Dinner menu and it has some excellent features to plan the wedding.
Post By:lindaCreated Date:Nov 21, 2013
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Post By:katheCreated Date:Oct 28, 2013
This is such a good note on wedding reception dinner menus and nice tips on dinner menus too.
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