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Ways you can use the wedding photo app

Nov 14, 2018 | Posted by:  abi s

Is your wedding day near? Making all the preparations to make it as a stress-free day? Absolutely you will, considered about capturing the beautiful moments of your special day?? Whether you have planned or not yet planned. Surely, you would like to capture each and every moment of it through photographs, right? Hiring a perfect wedding photographer isn’t the only option for you to capture all golden moments from your wedding. You and your guests can use the wedding photo app from iwedplanner to capture the most precious moments of your life and share each and every moment among each other within minutes isn’t it cool? Now, let’s take a look at the ways of using the amazing application!
Multiple clicks one after another:
The wedding photo app is easy to install over the smartphone and you or your friend and family members can click multiple shots as many times as they want! Taking multiple clicks will make sure that not even a single moment is missed!
Unlimited photo clicking:
There is no limit of clicking beautiful pictures. The wedding photo app will store all clicked images in a separate folder in your phone’s gallery. So, keep clicking and have unlimited photo sessions at your wedding!
Making live videos:
Use the wedding photo app to capture live videos at your wedding. As all your guests can use this app to record live videos, this application is perfect to make your wedding day memories lifetime memorable and cherishable!
Sharing photos and videos among each other and on social media:
At the end of your wedding, take all clicked images and recorded videos from all your friends, family members, and wedding guests. This wedding photo app makes the sharing process faster and simpler!
Knowing all the benefits of using a wedding photo app at your wedding may make you understand the difference between the professional hire and the application. Along with getting the best photographer of the town with the help of iwedplanner to make use of the app to make some extra funny, and lovable clicks!!


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