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Wedding Cakes And Dessert How To Create A Dessert Table

Sep 16, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

When planning your wedding menu the expense can really get out of hand. One of the biggest expenses is the wedding cake. Think about it the average cake cost up to $6.50 a slice, then there is the cake cutting fee which is about $2.00 per slice. If you had a smaller cake and a variety of desserts it could be just as beautiful and less expensive. The trick to having a small wedding cake and desserts is the presentation. In the end it is all about the display.
            Wedding Cakes And Desserts
A great dessert table will have a central theme. This can be your wedding colors, the design of your invitations, wedding flowers, or even the view from your wedding venue. One couple had their desert table laid out like the Manhattan Skyline, it was magnificent. Implementing a color scheme to have a more cohesive look. Use a variety of interesting confections such as lemon or vodka glitter jellies, desert canapés and cupcakes can create an exciting table and be enjoyed by all.
One of the neatest ideas today is to have a candy bar instead of the regular standard desserts. With a candy bar you have unlimited choices and you might even mix candies and baked goods to create a truly unique table flow. The wedding cake will no doubt be a stunner but adding a dessert buffet will really impress the crowd. The dessert table is one sure way to express your own unique style. Share our favorite comfort candies and sweet treats with your friends and family.
Talk about your desire for a wedding cake and dessert table with your wedding caterer or bakery. When planning the servings it is a good idea to count on having at least 3-4 of the smaller desserts per guest. As far as options go if you are relegating the portions to 3 per person it is best to have at least 5 different options.
When planning the dessert table it is a good idea to have it be representative of the  backdrop, menu cards and floral arrangements. People eat with their eyes and making it look appetizing is not as hard as you may think. Often times it is possible to rent the items needed to create your displays. Do not be afraid to do a bit of DIY when it comes to being creative with your displays, wrap different size boxes with paper in the motif of your wedding décor, these are great for adding height. Use decorative candlesticks as plate holders, feel free to experiment, as long as it is visually cohesive it will be a winner. Search for wedding cakes in your area using the free wedding planner mobile apps and learn more about wedding cakes and desserts at


Post By:williamsCreated Date:Feb 11, 2014
These kinds of fabric ideas are really helps the poor wedding couples. Every wedding hall much has a best wedding desert table.this article used to prepare a best wedding desert table to own effort.
Post By:smithCreated Date:Jan 25, 2014
Cool and pretty ideas to preparing a own wedding desert cake is used realize the difficulties to preparing wedding cake desert.
Post By:smithCreated Date:Jan 08, 2014
The wedding dessert cake table is the important decorated thing for every wedding. Because it is surely attracts the wedding pair's friends and relatives. So wedding couples trying to make a beautiful wedding cake desert for their weddings.This article providing tips to preparing a better wedding desert table.
Post By:stanleyCreated Date:Dec 24, 2013
This article providing the tips to make a wonderful wedding desert table.These kinds of articles are suitable for poor wedding couples. It saves the wedding desert table decorator charges.
Post By:majnuCreated Date:Dec 10, 2013
The wedding applications are providing guidelines are used to make a beautiful wedding desert table in weddings. I hope to the wedding couples to prepare a desert table with guidance of iwedplanner application it surely gives a great output at the day of your weddings.
Post By:Bernie EcclestoneCreated Date:Nov 27, 2013
These information's are very useful as wedding decorations. If you make a great wedding desert table just following these information's........
Post By:maryCreated Date:Nov 21, 2013
It would to makes confident to creating our own wedding cakes table for wedding couples.It preserving the wedding tables Terms and tradition.
Post By:kevinCreated Date:Oct 28, 2013
It the important thing for our wedding decorations.It providing the guidelines for creating the wedding dessert table.thank you for your post.
Post By:GangeshCreated Date:Sep 19, 2013
Looks delicious, I would love to have it on my kids birthday.
Post By:Jr. kFactorCreated Date:Sep 19, 2013
Great! look delicious
Post By:ChloeCreated Date:Sep 19, 2013
Wow very pretty cakes!! and I like the table with treats idea.
Post By:Ashley AndersonCreated Date:Sep 19, 2013
This is wonderful wedding cakes idea to make it in different designs.Kissing the horse is attracting all to get this cakes.The wonderful work done by bakeries.This nice article and more informative for wedding cakes.I like cakes always and thanks for your sharing
Post By:KiranCreated Date:Sep 18, 2013
Nice ideas
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