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Wedding DJ Ideas To Keep The Party In Full Swing

Dec 11, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

There are many things that can make a wedding reception a fail. Don’t let your wedding DJ be one of them.  You might have come across some articles raving about using the iPod for your wedding reception, while sure it will play a continuous song list but there is so much more that needs to be considered and a computer can’t actually think. That is where a professional wedding DJ comes in.
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They are trained in the art of reading a crowd and can adjust the music to either excite or mellow out a crowd. There are some things that you can do the help the DJ to really perform at his/her best at your reception. Share the ideas listed below with your wedding DJ, don’t go in there like you are trying to tell them how to do their jobs but gently make a few of these suggestions and they will listen.
  1. One of the latest trends has been to infuse cultural and ethnic rituals into the wedding ceremony and reception. There’s no better way to celebrate your union then sharing your heritage with your friends. Since most of these cancers are carefully choreographed it will be easy for the ride in the world to show a few of the steps to the guest and have them join in almost like learning a country line then dance.
  1. have a must play list that incorporate songs that you and the groom like with those that you know your guest will enjoy. Keep the list to about 15-20 songs that you want played, allow the wedding DJ to actually do the job he is being paid for. Also keep in mind that although your favorite music may be rap not everyone in attendance will be as fond of it as you are. Discuss the variety of musical genres to be played with your DJ.
  1. Your wedding DJs a perfect person to post a few dance floor games. A good one to play will also allow you to recognize all of the couples that are in attendance. You can start by having the DJ callout the bride and groom. Ask couples to start joining you on the dance for their have been married from 1 to 5 years, 5 to 10 years, 10 to 20 years and so on. On the second song in this that you can have them leave the dance floor by the number of years that they’ve been married in the and you should in doubt with the couple who is been married the longest. Then the DJ can ask them to share some words of wisdom with the new couple. This game always goes over very well that weddings.
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Post By:KenanthCreated Date:Dec 12, 2013
Nice wedding djs and dance...
Post By:KenanthCreated Date:Dec 12, 2013
Nice wedding djs and dance...
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