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Wedding Dresses And Attire What Not To Wear To A Wedding

Oct 09, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Most of the people wear uniforms to work and even if it is a suit, or skirt and blouse it still begins to feel somewhat like a uniform after so many months of wearing the same types of things. These are the same people that like to try new and outrageous things on the weekend or the female that likes to look like she was dipped in the cosmetic factory. There are many things that one could do that would irk a bride and groom, don’t let what you are wearing be one of them. Below are 5 things you should not wear to any wedding:
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  1. Black is traditionally the color of mourning. That is why it is a color that many will not wear to a wedding. While dark colors on men may be acceptable, black dresses on women are not. This is normally true, but like everything else there is the exception to this rule. There is nothing wrong with wearing a black cocktail dress or any other fun and flirty style. As long as it cannot be interpreted as a dress that should be in funeral procession then go for it.
  1. There is nothing wrong with an outfit that flatters the figure or that shows off a bit of leg. However, there is such a thing as too skimpy. May not show up the bride but “look at me” wedding attire will detract from her big day.
  1. Even if it is a beach wedding leave the “flip-flops” at home. Remember that casual doesn’t mean everyday attire. A casual wedding dress is still a semi-formal, wedding attire for a causal wedding should also be in the semi-formal category.
  1. This one is for men – do not show up in white tie and tails unless it is expressed on the invitation that you are being invited to a black-tie event. It is just not cool to show up the groom.
  1. Garish and gaudy clothing do not make suitable attire for a wedding. Many women like those big “Sunday-go-to-meeting” hats, the bigger the better. This is an awful choice for a wedding considering that everyone sitting behind you will not be able to see the ceremony. Generally anyone who would wears loud and garish apparel or other accessories to wedding is desperate for attention.


Post By:steffy susanCreated Date:Feb 18, 2014
The wedding couples are have a huge confusion to select our wedding dresses to wear our wedding ceremony.this article clears the confusion about the wedding dresses and then giving the tips to choose a best wedding dress.
Post By:roythomesCreated Date:Jan 10, 2014
This article establishing the importance of to wearing the wedding dress on their wedding.Must learn the information from this article is what kind of wedding dress do not select our wedding.
Post By:jessyCreated Date:Dec 20, 2013
Must shared information this. It is the nice news for the wedding couples at the time of wedding dress selection.
Post By:AliceCreated Date:Oct 09, 2013
Thanks for the wonderful article regarding the dresses etiquette on a wedding day.It was wonderful to read.A very informative article.
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