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Wedding Dresses And The Proper Attire What To Wear To A Wedding

Sep 12, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

You just received your invitation to a wedding and you are thrilled. Then the thought hits you, “what to wear for the wedding ?”. Excitedly you will look for the invitation to see if there is a clue. You spot the words “Casual Dress” and this doesn't help you. This article will help you to decode the difference between casual wedding attire, semi-formal, cocktail and formal wear. You may wonder if it is appropriate to wear that pretty sundress and a pair if neat sandals, the answer to that would be a resounding NO! Keep reading we have decoded the meanings for you and provided examples as well.

If the wedding invitation says “Black Tie” this is formal wear at its finest. Think of Oscar Night Red Carpet. This is when you can really put on the Ritz, sequins, beads and sparkling jewelry just remember to not upstage the bride.

             Wedding Dresses and Attire

Like this beautiful gown by Adrianna Papell, it has all over beading, sheer long sleeves and an elegant pleated hem. Classy and stylish but still subdued enough to not outshine the couples.

Semi-Formal is the one that is most often the one that people get wrong. If you remember that a wedding is not going to the nightclub you stand a chance of getting this one right. Finding the right wedding guest semi-formal attire is also dependent upon the time of day and the season. when in doubt go for a more formal cocktail dress, err on the side of formality and make sure that you use decorum when choosing. Above the knee is fine to wear.

The invitation said casual, this does not give you license to wear jeans. Casual wedding dress attire can be something like you would wear to church or to the office.

Dress pants and a really cool blouse, cotton dresses or pencil skits. In the fall and winter a good pair of well tailored wool pants and a silk top works great. Also add jewelry, a handbag and killer shoes for cool look .

Beach wedding attire is a bit trickier but unless you are specifically requested to do so please don’t wear a bikini. When you see the words “Beach Wedding”, think formal occasion on a beach.

When choosing beach wedding dress attire, remember to consider the sun, heat, sand and water. While wearing a short flirty dress may seem tempting a gust of wind could make you wish you hadn't worn it. This is a wedding where dressy flat sandals similar to the examples shown here.


Post By:brownCreated Date:Feb 10, 2014
yummy the wedding couples are wants these kinds of suggestion at the time their wedding. because all wedding couples needs to be they are only the best couples at hall. so they want a best guidelines to their dressings.
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every wedding couples are wants to like their wedding dresses are must attract our they desired to purchase attractive wedding dresses.this article helps to selecting a best wedding dresses for the wedding couples.
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In that day of wedding corresponding wedding couples are important persons. Moreover in that day wedding couples are must looks seems to be very beautiful. So they select attractive dresses to wear at our wedding.This article used to select a attractive dresses in our weddings.
Post By:mariaCreated Date:Dec 10, 2013
This article gives the information's are really helpful one for the wedding couples. Many brides have a huge confusion at the time of wedding which dress could be wear?. This article makes clear these kinds of problems.
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It has been provided the important information for wedding couples. The wedding couples are should have knowledge about these kinds of informations.
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It is a nice news for wedding couples also it providing the details of latest trend. So follow this post surely attract your friends and relatives.
Post By:millerCreated Date:Oct 28, 2013
It shows significance about the various variety of wedding dresses.this article useful for gathering information about the wedding dresses.
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Nice blog about wedding dress thanks for sharing this cool idea with us...
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so good
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