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Wedding Flowers Bouquets And Centerpieces Flowers And Water Do Mix

Oct 08, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

With the earth being 71% water, it is no surprise that wedding flowers that include a water element is trending right now. Water has universal undertones of fertility and purity. It is viewed as a source of life, even Darwin saw it as such with his description of the primordial ooze. Water the symbol of wisdom in the Tao, ancient Greeks saw it as transitional, Christians see it as a source of purification and all of these can relate to entering into the state of Matrimony. Bringing water into your wedding design evokes one of the most powerful forces of nature. Water has a duality in that it can create something as awesome as the Grand Canyon and be a soft as the petals on a flower.
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If you want a really stunning centerpiece use the same flowers that are in your bouquet only submerge them in water. Even if you buy your bridal bouquet from a wedding florist you can save money buy creating the wedding centerpieces yourself. There are many flowers that will withstand being submerged and here are a few tips that will help you bring on the sultry and sexy to your décor:
Do not use fake flowers – with fake flowers you run the risk of having the dyes bleed into the water totally ruining the effect. The glass that you use will act like a magnifier so that any imperfections (loose threads, unfinished edges and plastic stems) will be readily visible. With real blossoms this is the effect that you want and it is awesome. When you see the veins in the petals, and other delicate features of a flower it is magnificent.
Experiment – we know that orchids, roses and lilies all handle being submerged but other types of flowers may also handle the stress of being soaked. Wedding florists suggest that you try to stick to flowers that are locally grown for best results. Buy a few and put them in the centerpiece vase for a day or two to see how they hold up.
Anchors away – Flowers are buoyant and in order to keep them submerged you will have to devise a way to keep them anchored. Using a piece of string with a small fishing weight on the end is a good way to do this. If you choose this method you will also need to have a way to camouflage the weights. Florist use colored rocks or marbles to great effect.
Water – tap water is not the best option for decorations. The water needs to be free from additives that could discolor the arrangement or have floaters that ruin the effect.
Most of all be creative. 


Post By:johnCreated Date:Feb 18, 2014
This article explain about what are the combination of the wedding bouquet to using their own weddings.It is a nice and cool information for the wedding couples. Many of them don't know about these wedding flowers information.
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It is a nice news for the wedding flower decorators and also the wedding couples. It provides the latest information's of wedding bouquet.
Post By: JENNIFER DAVISCreated Date:Oct 08, 2013
Thanks for the wonderful article on how to use color mix in the flowers and bouquet
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