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Wedding Flowers Ideas For The Novice Planner

Dec 14, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Arranging planning the wedding is one of the most hectic jobs you will ever undertake. It will always feel like you’ve done a ton of work but there’s always something else that needs to be done and by you. It is on you to choose the wedding venue, the wedding reception venue, the wedding photographer, the wedding dress and so much more.

Most people think choosing the wedding flowers is a small part of the wedding planning process. Actually it is one of the most difficult jobs to undertake not everyone will have a good sense of declaration or how to arrange flowers. Not only that they don’t even know which flowers to choose for the best of effects.

            wedding flowers ideas

1.      Before you even begin to consider a wedding florist you should choose the flower colors. These colors should be in keeping with the overall theme of your wedding and speak to your wedding colors. The wedding centerpiece and the decay of the bride should match this will be a stunning effect.

2.      Instead of going for the expensive real flowers consider intermixing silk flowers with real flowers. The silk flowers hold up very well and look great for years to come.

3.      Keep the arrangements simple and elegant. One of the greatest trends today in wedding centerpieces is the floating flower. These are easy to make and will keep the wedding budget low.

4.      White flowers that are lush are always in style and speaks to the traditional wedding. If you don’t want to go to traditional, intersperse the white flowers with a dash of color that matches your wedding theme of wedding colors.

5.      The wedding bouquet can often cost $100 or more to keep the cost low use a composite bouquet. Use a mixture of smaller blooms and larger blooms to give a full flush look to your wedding bouquet.

6.      Choose seasonal and regional flowers, these are often less expensive.

7.      If you want to be on trend is all about texture. This is very easy to do in the fall because fall flowers have a lot of rich colors, shades and full lush flower petals. A file wedding is you the option of nodding to the season itself by including berries, wheat stalks, fiddlehead fern and other seasonal rushes.

8.      A spring wedding should use flowers that have a feeling of freshness and give off a pretty fragrance. Anemones, Hyacinth, that the deals and tulips are trending right now for spring bridal bouquets.

9.      Garlands of making a big comeback for 2014 they are being used in many different ways. The peonies and hydrangeas are the perfect flowers to use in a garland.

10.  One of the most simple wedding flower arrangements to make is the cascading  bouquet. This is a classic bouquet silhouette that is making a big comeback. Look at this bouquets long and slender and will not add weight to the bride.

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