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Wedding Gift Registry Etiquette

Jun 26, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

While everyone is aware that wedding gift registries today are acceptable, many are still not sure of the proper etiquette for requesting items of their family and friends. When creating a wedding gift registry it is important to know how to strike that delicate balance between unspoken tradition and being explicit in giving detailed information. We will examine in this article some of the areas of wedding gift registry that are commonly question.


Asking for gifts on the wedding invitation is a big no-no, when a guest receives a wedding invitation, it is implied that there is an obligation to give a gift. Whether this invitee attends the wedding are not a gift is to be expected. The wedding invitation is not the place to mention your wedding gift registry. This is usually spread by word of mouth or as in the case of today’s brides on their wedding websites. By letting those involved in the wedding and other close family and free ends know where you are registered they can answer questions for other guests.

This is made easier with the wedding planning software found on websites like iwedplanner. You get a free wedding website with its unique URL so that you can send emails or post a link on your facebook or other social media sites to inform your family and friends of your wedding registry information.

Is it okay to ask for monetary gifts? Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to ask monetary gifts. But this should be done by word of mouth. If this makes you uncomfortable use the word cash let your friends and family know that you can use some help getting your first place, or meeting some of your financial obligations. It is important however to remember that even though you put feelers out for monetary gifts. Some people will still give you a traditional gift option.

When should you send thank you notes? It is important that your tank use go out within weeks of returning home from your honeymoon. Most wedding etiquette manuals suggest that you send a thank you note within a day of two of receiving the gift. This will let the giver know that you not only receive their gift, but are appreciative of the time and effort they took to get you something. Learn more about wedding etiquette and wedding planning on the iwedplanner website. Here you will find all the wedding planning tools you need to create your dream wedding as well as free mobile apps to take your plans with you wherever you go. You can download the free wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and android to help you locate wedding vendors in your area and to keep track of all your wedding list and plans.



Post By:candyCreated Date:Feb 12, 2014
A very good note on the wedding registries and how to choose the best wedding registry for the wedding.
Post By:MargetCreated Date:Jan 23, 2014
Nice wedding registry etiquette was shared in this post and i really love to read your blog daily.
Post By:lisaCreated Date:Jan 06, 2014
Gift registry etiquette was useful post to read and i loved this post. I just used the wedding planner app it was so nice to use this app.
Post By:lindaCreated Date:Oct 28, 2013
Wow ! Nice idea you gifts are sweet memories of wedding guest This article to improve wedding gifts style and look in rich manner . Very informative keep it up...
Post By:henrymark01Created Date:Sep 25, 2013
Today, the gift registry makes the presenting the right gift to the wedding couples form the guest.
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