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Wedding Guest Accommodations Just Good Etiquette

Nov 04, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Times have indeed changed. In your grandparents day wedding guests did not have to travel very far. Most likely they lived close enough that they could just drive home afterward or if one or two lived further away they stayed with friends and relatives in the area. Today our families and friends could possibly live in Timbuktu. They fly in from all over the world to attend the wedding of someone they care a great deal about. Shouldn’t you show them how much you appreciate it by finding guest accommodations so they have an easier time of it.
          guest accomodation
It is unfair to expect your wedding guests to enjoy themselves partying until the early A.M. hours and then to try to find a place to sleep for the night. It is only good manners to have hotel/motel rooms that they can readily check into without hassle or having to go very far. Many couples go one step further and provide a shuttle service from the reception venue to the hotel. And couples who can afford it often choose to not only locate affordable guest accommodations they also pay for them as well. While paying for the hotels rooms may not be in everyone’s budget but the least you can do is have rooms reserved for them.
In order to secure enough wedding guest accommodations for everyone you should reserve the block of rooms as early as possible. If you are using a wedding planner they will have information on hotels and motels that give package deals for wedding party accommodations. Also, many times wedding reception venues will have an arrangement with local hotels.
If you are doing your own wedding planning you should cold call hotels and motels in your area and talk with them about getting a block of rooms. There is generally a 10 room minimum and other stipulations but you can often find cheap wedding guest accommodations that are clean and sanitary. Include information about the rooms in your wedding invitations. Include in password or code that needs to be mentioned when they reserve a room. This is how they will be able to secure the discount. You can also leave a link to the hotel on your wedding website, you get a free one when you sign up to use the wedding planner tools on iwedplanner. There you can also download free wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Learn more about accommodating the needs of your wedding guest and wedding party on the iwedplanner website.


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