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Wedding invitation tips

Oct 31, 2017 | Posted by:  abi s

Creating a beautiful wedding invitation takes some planning and effort. With a number of options available over the internet regarding design and stationery, it seems easier to make the order online. In order to assist you with the invitations we are presenting some important ideas.
1.    Selecting the style- along with the venue and time details your wedding invitation is also a way to portray the theme of your wedding. You can choose between classic, casual or modern styles available on the printing websites or you can customize your own pattern with the help of templates they provide.
2.    Choosing colors- the choice of colors has a lot to do with the type of invitation you are planning. The classic invitation colors include white, ivory and cream but you can make them vibrant with colored metallic fonts and liners. The readability should be good with whatever color combination you choose.
3.    Try different shape- you can also try other card shapes such as square or circular but keep in mind the added cost you have to pay for increased postage price.
4.    Check the wordings- check the entire invitation twice or thrice to ascertain that it is devoid of any discrepancies because once the order is dispatched you cannot get your hands on the text again.
5.    Don’t clutter- if you want to inform your guests about the directions to the venue or the theme of reception, it is advisable to add some extra sheets in the envelope rather than crowding the card with too much information.
6.    Asking for RSVPs- mention the urgency of sending the RSVPs in the card. Telling your guests to send them at earliest will give you a head start in making arrangements with caterers and finalizing the seating chart.


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