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Wedding Jewelry Ideas For The Thrifty Bride

Dec 12, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

You’ve agonized for weeks finding the right wedding shoes, wedding dress, and most importantly those bridesmaid dresses. Now that your bridesmaids have gotten on board with your vision of what they should look like at your wedding there is one more tradition to think about. It has become customary for the bride to gift her bridesmaids would a little bling. By presenting your bridesmaids would match and jewelry sets you can cross to items off your list. One it is a wedding favor for the bridesmaid and two adding more character and sparkle to your wedding day.
               weding jewelry
  • Sterling silver and a jewel will make a great necklace combination. Try a jewel like cubic Zirconia or a colored gemstone. If the bridal jewelry is white gold the sterling silver is a perfect match. Mixed with the cubic Zirconia stone it will look like a diamond and gold necklace to the untrained eye.
  • Jewelry made from crystals and rhinestones will make a great bridesmaids gift. Most brides like to give sets that are slightly different for each woman. You can find these give sets at big-box stores in almost every mall and bridal retailers online or off.
  • Faux Pearl’s can be given as bridal gift sets there is no hard and fast rule that says the pearls must be the real thing. There is actually a great deal of excellent costume jewelry available online and at major department stores.
  • Do something special for your bridesmaids and make their gift yourself. You can make beautiful earrings and lovely necklaces out of a beads and jewelry clasps. When creating your masterpiece try to think of each girl that you’re making for and what types of jewelry that they like. You want to create something that they will want to wear again and again.
Your bridesmaids are those friends you’ve chosen to stand by you on the most important day of your life. Many choose their best friends, you know that ride or die chick that has been with them forever or sisters and cousins. Giving them a mentor and a thank you is a way to show them how special to you they really are. Get more wedding rings and jewelry tips at iwedplanner.


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