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Wedding Photography Ideas That Are Way Outside Of The Box

Dec 13, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Aside from everything else you have to worry about when wedding planning, you also have a few details within details to plan out. what we mean is that not only do you have to plan a budget for the wedding caterer you are also expected to plan the meal. The same is true for the wedding photographer.
Not only do you have to budget for them, find the right wedding  photographer you also have to plan for the photo shoot. What poses you want, what props you will use and where will the shoot take place are only a few of the particulars that you are expected to have mapped out before the actual wedding day.
               wedding photogrhers
While many will go with the traditional poses there are those of you who want something just a bit more unique something that is almost spontaneous. Below are few wedding photography ideas that will fit that bill.
  • During the morning photo shoot get a picture of the bride holding a cutout sign that says Bride and one of the Groom that says Groom. After the ceremony attach the two cards with a ribbon and flip it over to reveal husband and wife and take a photo together.
  • Capture a private moment with just you and your new husband being romantic. You can stage it but let it be uniquely you.
  • Take a photograph of  you and your love holding hands, running barefoot down the road. Get a frontal shot and a back shot.
  • Talk with the wedding photographer about the types of shots you want. Since they will literally be following you around for hours they will undoubtedly spot moments that you would be unaware of. The impromptu shots can be some of the sweetest most endearing moments of all.
  • With digital photoshopping you could easily set up shots so that other images can be added later own. for instance take a photograph standing under an umbrella kissing and later the wedding photographer can add in the rain. or just for fun take a picture facing each other and let the photographer transform you into a snowman and his bride. 
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