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Wedding Planner Apps To Plan Memorable Wedding Ceremony

Jan 28, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Use your free wedding planner apps for iPhone or iPad is great when you cannot afford a wedding planner. Whether you are planning a large or small wedding, it can still be memorable.  Find all of the wedding vendors that you need using the wedding mobile apps. They have listings for wedding venues, wedding photographers, wedding rings and wedding dresses. Best of all you can shop and compare so that you are certain to find one in your price range.
The important thing to remember when planning your wedding is that it is your wedding. Many couples get caught up in trying to please one set of parents or the other, the friends and everybody in between. Forgetting that the day is about them. Plan your wedding to optimize your own enjoyment of the day and for you  it will be memorable. For other ways to make your day as memorable for your guests as possible keep reading.
 Memorable Wedding Ceremony
1.      Write a letter to your parents and place it on the seats they will occupy during the ceremony.  It could be about anything you like, sharing old memories or just to say thank you for the work they put into raising you. This will be something that they will look back on with pride.
2.      Issue a candle to each guest as they arrive. When it is time to recite your vows, do it by candlelight. Have the ushers light the candle for the person on the end of each row, they will pass the flame down the row. Have the house lights dimmed and then recite your vows to candle light. This adds a special romantic touch to an already romantic occasion.
3.      Pay homage to a loved one that cannot be in attendance. If they are deceased or far away, wear something that belonged to them or have a picture of them in their honored spot during the wedding and reception.
4.      Instead of the guest book, have your guest sign a table cloth. This is something you can use on anniversaries to remind you of the joy that you celebrated with family and friends.
5.      When planning your wedding, remember that families also include children. Make a special effort to plan for them as well. A separate room, where they can play and watch movies away from the adults would be perfect. Also have a kid’s table and menu. Your guest will be impressed that you thought enough of them that you wanted them to be able to enjoy all of the festivities with the kids out of their hair for the evening.
You can find hundreds of wedding ideas just like these to make you occasion more memorable. Take advantage of the blogs and forums that you will find at, then look up your local wedding suppliers using the free wedding planner apps for iPhone and iPad.


Post By:peter jhone Created Date:Nov 28, 2013
Nice article fro planning my wedding Ceremony and vendors in state
Post By:jonathanCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
This wedding planner app was very useful for me to sect my wedding Bands and wedding dress and this app help me a lot to plan my wedding.
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