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Wedding Planning Answering The Tough Question

May 27, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Every girl dreams of their wedding at some point in time. They see themselves gliding down the aisle without a care in the world. They have decorated the wedding and reception hall with the very finest and then reality sets in…

               Formal wedding planning

There are tons of situations today that brides of say 30-50 years ago could not have phantomed. Like blended families, several step parents and sets of step siblings. Inviting and Ex and where to seat them. Here are answers to five of them most difficult wedding etiquette questions.

What types of weddings require formal attire?

Generally the formality of wedding attire is determined by the time of day. It is also determined by the wedding venue, most Catholic and Jewish wedding a very formal affairs, but civil ceremonies can also be formal. If the wedding is to be held in a religious venue assume that it is a formal unless otherwise instructed.

If the wedding is going to be formal then the invitation will convey that. Formal invitation could usually heavy white, ivory or cream paper. Engraved and written in 3rd person style and have a classic font. With an informal wedding you have more freedom to design your own wedding invitation and the language and style of the invitation is less formal. As a bride. Your choice of wedding dress also sets the tone for the wedding. If you’re having one of those fancy beaded and embroidered gowns complete with veil and train then of course you are planning a formal wedding. When choosing your invitation. Remember, the only clues to the formality of your wedding. The invitee will have to go on is your invitation.

How Do I Say That I Wanted To Be An “Adult Only” Affair?

If you want to exclude children that is well within your rights as a bride. Let’s face it, who was to be in middle of wedding ceremony and drowned out by crying children. It is best to include this information in the wedding invitation. You can say something on the invitation like adults only, or list only those people that are invited. Unfortunately, people don’t always follow the rules, especially when it comes to their children. You also may want to include this information on your wedding website as well as spread by word of mouth.

Where To Seat My Dad And Step Mom?

We are seen more and more blended families today. Often, you end up with 4 distinct sets of parents. Even if one parent has not re-married, they may have a long time significant other that should be invited. If the people involved get along that would be great. Everybody can be seated on the 1st row together and everything will be just, but how often does that happen? In order to keep everybody happy, try this seating arrangement.

Third row - Grooms father and step-mom

Brides father and step-mom

First row - Grooms mom and step-dad

Brides mom and step-dad

Seating the primary parents or the hosts of the event on the 1st row is always in good form.



Post By:JasmineCreated Date:Feb 03, 2014
This post was awesome to read and it was good discussion on wedding planning and answering the tough questions
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Wedding Planning Answering The Tough Question is a nice post read and gain some valuable information.
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Really a very nice blog to read and the wedding planning questions you have shared are some valuable one while planning wedding.
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I have no idea about the wedding plans but i read this article gives many tips and idea for the wedding plans and wedding vendor. Very informative keep it up ...
Post By:jenniferCreated Date:Oct 24, 2013
Wow! nice photo you shared.This article gives many idea about the wedding seating arrangement its more useful for wedding planners.The wedding app is more easy to make a wedding now
Post By:jeryCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
. Nice article to choose the wedding planners It will attracting me lot. Really me enjoyed this post and thanks for your sharing
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