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Wedding Planning Marriage The First Year

Jan 23, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

The free wedding planning apps for iPhone and iPad come in handy. You keep track of everything including the wedding invitations that are sent. You locate the best places to buy wedding cakes, wedding flowers and find a terrific makeup artist. You use the mobile wedding apps and free wedding website to get great ideas for the wedding and that is great but never forget that although the wedding is great it is merely a prelude to something real and solid.

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Great weddings do not just happen they are planned. The Christian bible suggests that couples treat the first year of marriage as a learning phase. While it is not possible for many to take an entire year off (someone has to pay the mortgage/rent and put food on the table) but you will need to consciously make an effort to spend time learning about your partner. Many marriages do not make it through the first year because people go into them thinking of the “happily ever after”, no one takes the time to actually tell them about the perils that come along away to that.

One of the things that frustrate many couples is dealing with their finances. Before becoming a couple your paycheck was your own to do with as you pleased. It is hard to reconcile having to disclose your earnings as well as your spending habits to someone on a consistent basis. Pooling your resources and making sacrifices does not come natural to most, learning to wedding budget your finances is the one area that you already have a handy tool to help with. The budgeting wedding app format can be adapted to use as a template to create a functional home budget.

Money is a touchy subject and one that should be talked about long before you say “I do”. While most financial advisers are against actually combining money, credit cards and so forth before the legal union they all agree that this is something that needs to be discussed right away. Here are 3 points to help you start the conversations.

  1. How do you think about money? There are online tools to help you assess your money profiles.

  2. How much debt is each of you are bringing into the union? Lying about debt is financial infidelity and is as lethal to a marriage as sexual infidelity. If you have debt be honest about and begin to formulate a plan to pay it off as a couple to become debt free.

Income and expenses go hand in hand. Knowing how much income you each have at your disposal and how much of it is already spoken for in expenses will give you the foundation to plan your first few years financially. If you are spending more than you earn together then it is time to trim the fat.

  1. Savings – Talk about how you save as well as how much you have managed to save. This is where the two of you as a couple can assess each others strengths and weaknesses when it comes to saving and can share your knowledge with one another.

Wedding is about love, for sure, but it is about so much more. To make a wedding work it takes a lot of sacrifice and hard work also both wedding parties. The ability to forgive without regret is essential wedding. Men will have to learn to get in touch with their softer, more feminine emotional sides and women will have to learn that the world does not revolve around them and their wants and needs. The ability to be honest about financial matters will make wedding life happier and healthier.



Post By:markCreated Date:Jan 04, 2014
i like this first year wedding party was good idea and with red wine with beautiful location its so nice idea for me
Post By:bond Created Date:Nov 28, 2013
cool idea for planning my first day of my first wedding thanks
Post By:Jessica RoxleyCreated Date:Nov 24, 2013
I like this article for wedding planning Marriage for First Year, i get many ideas and thank for share
Post By:SmithCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
Thank for the article it was nice to read on the planning for the first year of marriage.Wonderful BLOG!!!!!!!!
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